Can I download music at

Yes and no:

1) We don't offer illegal music downloads at

2) However, we might offer legal music downloads in the distant future.

3) We will offer torrent downloads to all Global Trance Grooves radio show livesets by John '00' Fleming in the very near future.

How does work? is an embeddable media rating platform. What this means is that every artist, company & media entry at has a rating, which can be embedded on any website. The embed code can be found towards the top right of the entry page. A live example of embedded ratings can be found at V.E.C.T.O.R.'s official website. More artist websites will be announced in the near future.

Who is's target audience?

Electronic dance music artists & fans. Please note that we're focusing on livesets in the beginning. We'll expand to general electronic dance music releases in the near future.

Why was created?

There are various websites that deal with media databases, but none of them can do the following:

1) Support all types of media, including bibliographies, discographies & filmographies.

2) Allow members to rate accurately. was created specifically to solve these problems.

What is

Merriam-Webster defines the word mediography as the following:

Mediography: A list of multimedia materials on a given subject.

We chose mediography as our company's name because it's the best word that comprises the four main areas of media (bibliography, discography, filmography & gameography) that we cover.

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