Blog Is Now Using Let's Encrypt! is now finally using a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt. Ever since moving to our new server at Linode, we've been testing Let's Encrypt, and we're very happy with the results. Thanks to its free SSL certificates, we will never have to pay a penny again, nor renew the cretificate every year or so. Everything is now automated. :)

Goodbye DigitalOcean, Hello Linode! :)

This is a short announcement that we have just moved from DigitalOcean to Linode. We also looked at Vultr, but ultimately couldn't resist Linode's prices on memory, which is basically half the price of the others.

Drupal 7.51 Upgrade

This is a short announcement that we just upgraded to Drupal 7.51. This is just a maintenance release that includes a variety of improvements and bug fixes, with no security issues addressed.

For more details on what this release addresses, feel free to browse the release page. User Account Editing Capabilities Disabled

During the past few months, we've been testing a new feature called Single Sign-On. It's a cool feature that will let members of automatically log into as well.

User Logout Message

We currently have a user login message display the following every time users log in:

"You are now logged in, @username."

But in case you haven't already noticed, we never displayed a user logout message until now. Why? Because it's not that simple to make it happen in Drupal.

Well we're happy to make this simple announcement today that we have finally solved this problem. Members that log out will now see the following message:

"You are now logged out."

The Web Widgets Module Now Works With Drupal 7.50!

We finally upgraded to Drupal 7.50 a few days ago after figuring out how to make it work with the Web Widgets module. We are making this announcement today after making sure no more issues would arise in a reasonable amount of time.

5,000 Artist Entries Submitted!

Today marks another nice milestone for, as we now have over 5,000 artist entries submitted!

We looked inside our database to see which artist was lucky number 5,000, and found that it's Syat Naes, which is actually one of many aliases for trance music superstar Sean Tyas.

To see the current number of artist, company & media entries, just look at the counter towards the top left of the browser:

March 2015 Status Update

It's that time of the month to do our status update. Let's compare this month to last month's February 2015 status update. The first screenshot is from AWStats: March 2015 Traffic - AWStats

Domain Name Acquisition Spree (Part 8)

It's that time of the month where we announce the acquisition of domain names of popular artists. This month we are happy to announce the acquisition of the following 5 additional domain names, bringing the total to 53:

1) -> Redirects to

2) -> Redirects to

Background Image Links

Our last blog post mentioned background images for artist, company & media pages at as part of a subscription feature in the near future for paying artists. Today we're announcing a related feature where a link towards the top middle part of artist, company & media pages will be available to go to an official website of the artist or company, or maybe a Beatport link to purchase mp3s in the case of media pages.